Irish Study on Diets of Women During Pregnancy

Research, published in the October 2011 edition of the Irish Medical Journal used the Cow & Gate Pregnancy Diet Calculator and found that the eating guidelines for pregnancy are not being met and must be better communicated.

"There is emerging evidence that maternal nutrition is key to the future health of not only the mother but also her children. This study shows Irish women have an awareness of healthy eating but need encouragement and support to achieve it"

Prof. Michael TurnerUCD Centre for Human Reproduction at the Coombe

Read the full study here.

Cow & Gate Diet Pregnancy Diet Calculator

Cow & Gate nutritionists have developed an online Pregnancy Diet Calculator to assist pregnant mothers in checking that their diet is nutritionally balanced and meeting the extra demands placed on them during this critical time.  This tool was used in the joint study carried out by Danone Baby Nutrition and the UCD Centre for Human Reproduction at the Coombe Women and Infants University Hospital Dublin.

The tool will allow them to enter their daily food and  drink and identify simple and practical solutions to help them achieve the recommended intakes of the various different food groups based on the food pyramid recommendations during pregnancy.

Itís simple to use and a handy resource for pregnant mothers. For pregnant mothers it is available in the interactive tools section of the website for parents ( or health care professionals can access it here in the interactive tools section of this website. To access the tool, click here.

The tool is also now available as a smart phone App - available to download for FREE!